Time is Money.. Why wait?

SETENA permits take time and money to properly obtain. Take advantage of the work already completed for Montecito to jump start your real estate development in Costa Rica.

Offered to Costa Rican real estate developers and investors seeking a shovel-ready project parcel. The final construction permitting process has been paused at the most advantageous point for the new owner and provides the following options:

Evaluate the existing 71 home plan and move forward to construction.

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Montecito Development Group


SETENA Approved Project Parcel for Real Estate Development in Costa Rica


Montecito is an approved Horizontal Condominium D1 Project, officially recognized by the Costa Rican government and ready for construction. The 52 Acre Parcel holds the valuable designation of being SETENA Approved for seventy one (71) single family homes designed to meet the current real estate market. A short drive from the following local destinations.